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Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Victor Bennett Forbes, Editor-in-Chief

Fine Arts Magazine, New York

Excerpt from his article "Samir Sammoun's Montreal Exhibit"

This particular show was held in an exhibition space attached to the bookstore at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Samir's exhibition, while not exactly in the museum, had the ambiance of a museum exhibition.

The room was, as Hemingway would say, 'a clean, well-lighted place' and it was soon filled with a crowd of Montreal's elite personas, capped by the appearance of Quebec Prime Minister Jean Charest and First Lady Michelle Dionne, who stayed for quite a while, admiring the art and enjoying the camaraderie with the electorate. Samir's paintings continue along a path he has found himself on for the past decade or two. He has a sweet vision for the world, making for paintings of exceptional beauty and tranquility. Even in the movement of great fields of wheat, forests, olive groves and floral scenes there is a stillness to which many collectors are attracted. In addition, Samir brought out a few of his early works (not for sale) and a collection of the cityscapes of Montreal. These are also quite breathtaking. Not monumental, but modest snippets of a beautiful city caught as only one who has visited the scene a thousand times can. His eye is severe, his brush strokes delicate and his demeanor throughout his entire body of work is consistent. Samir is like a poet who has found his voice, likes it, and continues to mine it. There are no gimmicks here, no grandstand plays, just a sense of serenity that prevails."